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"My words are Spirit and Life, and not to be weighed by the understanding of man. They are not to be drawn forth for vain approbation, but to be heard in silence, and to be received with all humility and great affection."
Thomas à Kempis

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Chronological Order of the Bible

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Chronological Order of the Bible
(Dates are aprroximate)

3761 B.C.

  •   According to Jewish tradition, the date Adam & Eve were created in the Garden of Eden. The Jewish New Year is based on this date.

Between 3740 B.C. & 2500 B.C.

  •   Cain, Able and Seth are born to Adam and Eve.
  •   Cain kills Able, and is exiled to forever wander the eastern 'land of Nod'.
  •   The Patriarchs before the flood, including Enoch and Methuselah, all live to great ages.
  •   The flood destroys Eden and all the ancient ones.
  •   Noah and the ark.
  •   Noah's 3 sons, Japheth, Ham and Shem repopulate the earth after the flood.
  •   Destruction of the tower of Babel causes the dispersion of Babylon's population -- sending it to the ends of the earth.
  •   The descendants of Japheth, populating Greece, Parthia, Russia and northern Europe.
  •   The descendants of Ham populating Africa and Egypt.
  •   And the descendants of Shem forming the Semetic people of the Middle East, including the Arabs and the House of Israel.

About 1850 B.C.

  •   Abraham and his family arrive in Canaan.

Between 1849 B.C. and 1750 B.C.

  •   Hagar, Abraham's slave mistress gives birth to Ishmael.
  •   Hagar and Ishmael banished from Abraham's camp and return to Euphrates river area.
  •   Ishmael's blood descendants form the Arabs, but all muslim's, including the Persians, trace ancestry to Abraham through Ishmael as well.
  •   In her 90's, Sarah gives birth to Issac.
  •   Issac's wife gives birth to Esau and Jacob.
  •   Esau sells his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of lentils.
  •   Jacob wrestles with an angel so God changes his name to 'Israel' (A rebel allowed to survive).
  •   Jacob (Israel) has 12 sons: Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Issachar, Zebulun, Joseph and Benjamine.

From about 1720 B.C. to 1250 B.C.

  •   Joseph, Jacob's youngest son, sold into slavery (to Egypt) by his brothers.
  •   Joseph has two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim.
  •   Joseph saves his father and his 10 brothers from famine -- making a home for them in Egypt.
  •   Joseph elevated to Patriarch, removing him from the other tribes of Israel.
  •   Jacob elevates Ephraim and Manasseh to same status as his sons, creating the 12 tribes of Israel (13 tribes, actually, but Levi was elevated to status of priesthood, leaving 12 to divide up the land).
  •   Hebrew captivity in Egypt (Lasts about 500 years).

1250 B.C.

  •   Moses leads the exodus.

Beginning about 1210 B.C.

  •   The 12 tribes of Israel reach the Promised Land.
  •   Joshua invades Palestine.
  •   The time of the Judges (This period lasts 200 years).
  •   The temple at Shiloh (The first Hebrew temple in the Promised Land).

1040 B.C.

  •   The birth of Samuel the prophet.

1000 B.C.

  •   David becomes king of Judah.
  •   David defeats Saul & reigns as king over all Israel.

950 B.C.

  •   Solomon, David's son made king of Israel.
  •   The Temple of Solomon built in Jerusalem.

931 B.C.

  •   Solomon dies.
  •   The fight for his throne begins, creating the Great Schism. As a result, the 12 Tribes of Israel split into 2 houses.
  •   The House of Israel (the 10 northern tribes).
  •   The House of Judah (the 2 southern tribes-Benjamine & Judah).

721 B.C.

  •   The House of Israel (the 10 northern tribes) are taken into captivity by Assyrian invaders.
  •   They disappear into the lands across the North, vanishing from world view.

598 B.C.

  •   The tribes of Judah and Benjamin taken to Babylon.
  •   The prophets Jeremiah & Ezekiel.
  •   Jeremiah takes the Ark of the Covenant to the Dead Sea & buries it in a cave.

587 B.C.

  •   On the 10th of Loos, Solomon's temple burned down by Nebuchaddnezzar of Babylon. (Note that Herod's temple will be burned down on the very same day, 657 years in the future).
  •   More deportations to Babylon.

530 B.C.

  •   Daniel the Prophet in the court of the king of Babylon.

539 B.C.

  •   The handwriting on the wall.
  •   Cyrus the Persian conquers Babylon.

538 B.C.

  •   The Edict of Cyrus freeing the Jews from Babylonian captivity.

537 B.C.

  •   The second Jerusalem temple started.
  •   The walls rebuilt.

400 B.C.

  •   Ezra and Nehemiah.

331 B.C.

  •   Alexander the Great conquers Syria and Arbela; ends the Persian empire.

323 B.C.

  •   Alexander the great dies in Babylon.

319 B.C.

  •   Judea ruled by Egypt (the Lagides).

270 B.C.

  •   The Greek Bible (Septuagint) translated at Alexandria Egypt by 70 Hebrew scholars. This translation was authorized by the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem in order to give Jewish exiles a scripture in the language of their exile.

250 B.C.

  •   Active Hellenization of Palestine.

197 B.C.

  •   Antiochus the Great conquers Jerusalem.
  •   Judea ruled by Syria (The Seleucids).

175 B.C.

  •   Antiochus IV Epiphanes (a precursor of the beast) comes to power.

172 B.C.

  •   Onias, High Priest of Jerusalem Temple assassinated.

167 B.C.

  •   The Great Persecution of the Jews begins.
  •   Massacres at Jerusalem.
  •   The Syrians build the Citadel to guard the temple.
  •   Decree issued abolishing Jewish practices and establishing cult of Zeus in Temple.
  •   In December, the first pagan sacrifices abominate Jewish altar.

166 B.C.

  •   The priest Mattathias takes refuge in Modin with his five sons (The Maccabees).
  •   Mattathias gives the signal for the attack. The Hassidaeans join him.
  •   Judas Maccabaeus leads the revolt after Mattathias dies.

164 B.C.

  •   In December, the temple is purified, giving birth to the Jewish feast of Lights (Hannukah)
  •   The Jewish persecution ends.
  •   Death of Antiochus IV Epiphanes.

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