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"My words are Spirit and Life, and not to be weighed by the understanding of man. They are not to be drawn forth for vain approbation, but to be heard in silence, and to be received with all humility and great affection."
Thomas à Kempis

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Charts and Lists of the Bible

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Historical Time Chart 2090 B.C. - 100 A.D.
(Biblical and Historical)


2090 Abraham called by God
2067 Isaac born
2007 Jacob born
1992 Abraham dies
1944 Isaac dies
1877 Jacob arrives in Egypt
1860 Jacob dies in Egypt
1806 Joseph dies in Egypt
1730 Hyksos invasion of Egypt; Hebrews bondage begins.
1728 Hammurabi of Sumer born
1570 Hyksos expelled from Egypt; Amose I founds 18th dynasty
1548 Amenhotep I becomes pharaoh of Egypt, Hebrew midwives ordered to destroy all Hebrew male children
1528 Thutmose I becomes pharaoh, All newborn Hebrew males are to be cast into the Nile
1525 Moses born
1510 Thutmose II becomes pharaoh
1504 Hatshepsut becomes pharaoh
1487 Moses flees Egypt
1483 Thutmose III becomes pharaoh, The great oppression of the Hebrews begins
1450 Amenhotep II becomes pharaoh
1447 The Exodus begins
1446 The Tabernacle constructed
1423 Thutmose IV becomes pharaoh
1410 Amenhotep III becomes pharaoh
1407 Moses dies; Joshua conquers Canaan
1400 Conquest of Canaan completed
1377 Akhnaton becomes pharaoh; inaugurates monotheistic reforms
1375 Othniel becomes judge
1319 Ehud becomes judge
1318 Rameses I founds the 19th dynasty in Egypt
1240 Deborah and Barak judge Israel
1194 Gideon becomes judge
1167 Eli born
1155 Abimelech usurps power in Israel
1152 Tola becomes judge
1131 Jair becomes judge
1109 Eli becomes priest
1105 Samuel born
1089 Jephthah becomes judge
1083 Ibzan becomes judge
1071 Elon becomes judge, Samson becomes judge
1069 Samuel begins to minister
1066 Abdon becomes judge
1043 Saul becomes king
1011 Saul and Jonathan slain, David becomes king of Judah
1004 David becomes king over all Israel
971 Solomon ascends the throne
966 Solomon begins to build the Temple in Jerusalem
945 Sheshhonk ( Shishak) becomes pharaoh of Egypt
931 Rehoboam becomes king of Israel and Judah, Jeroboam rebels; sets Up a rival kingdom in the north
913 Abijam becomes king of Judah
911 Asa becomes king of Judah
910 Nadab becomes king of Israel
909 Bausha becomes king of Israel
890 Benhadad becomes king of Syria
886 Elah becomes king of Israel, Zimri becomes king of Israel
885 Tibni becomes king of Israel
883 Ashurbanipal II becomes king of Assyria
880 Omri becomes king of Israel
874 Ahab becomes king of Israel
873 Jehoshaphat becomes king of Judah
859 Shalmaneser III becomes king of Assyria
858 Elijah begins to prophesy
853 Ahaziah becomes king of Israel, Jehoram becomes king of Judah
852 Joram becomes king of Israel, Elisha begins to prophesy
841 Jehu becomes king of Israel, Ahaziah becomes king of Judah, Athaliah seizes the throne of Judah, Hazael becomes king of Syria
835 Joash becomes king of Judah
830 Joel prophecies
814 Jehoahaz becomes king of Israel
801 Benhadad II becomes king of Syria
798 Jehoash becomes king of Israel
796 Amaziah becomes king of Judah
790 Uzziah becomes co-regent of Judah
783 Shalmaneser IV becomes king of Assyria
783 Jonah begins his ministry


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