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A Ministry dedicated to preserving the truth and accuracy of the infallible Word of God.
The Old Time Gospel:     "The Way to Pentecost"   by Samuel Chadwick

Samuel Chadwick

Great Christian Works - Index

The Way to Pentecost
by Samuel Chadwick

Samuel Chadwick - The criticism has been hurled at the people who believe and preach the Wesleyan interpretation of full salvation that their teaching is noticeably void of scriptural proof and biblical terminology. The charge is false, of course, and there are ample books to be found which witness to the contrary. This little volume is one of them. Dr. Chadwick, the author of The Way to Pentecost, was first a godly man. Likewise, he was a lifelong student of the Word.

His writings reflect an unusual insight into the teachings of God's Word relative to the deeper things of the Spirit. The meat of the Word was a steady diet for him, and his soul reached a spiritual robustness that suggested an "inner circle" relationship with his Lord. The path he followed in his relationship with Christ was via Pentecost -- his own personal Pentecost. The Wesleyans of England had in Samuel Chadwick an able exponent of the great fundamental doctrine that John Wesley was called of God to enunciate with such clarity. This little book epitomizes the personal experiences to be associated with the believer and the Holy Spirit in the working out of God's redeeming love.

The Way to Pentecost

Chapter 1:   Do We Believe in the Holy Ghost?

Chapter 2:   The Church Without the Spirit

Chapter 3:   The Spirit of Promise

Chapter 4:   Pentecost

Chapter 5:   The Gift of the Holy Ghost

Chapter 6:   The Pentecostal Life

Chapter 7:   The Indwelling Spirit

Chapter 8:   The Communion of the Holy Ghost

Chapter 9:   The Spirit of Christ

Chapter 10:   The Spirit of Power

Chapter 11:   The Spirit of Life

Chapter 12:   The Spirit of Truth

Chapter 13:   The Spirit of Holiness

Chapter 14:   The Spirit of Love

Chapter 15:   The Spirit of Fire

Chapter 16:   The Fruit of the Spirit

Chapter 17:   The Gifts of the Spirit

Chapter 18:   The Law of the Spirit

Chapter 19:   The Challenge of Pentecost

Chapter 20:   The Way into the Blessing

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