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A Ministry dedicated to preserving the truth and accuracy of the infallible Word of God.
Works of Jakob Boehme:     Extracts from the Teutonic Theosopher     by Jakob Boehme

Jakob Boehme

Boehme Index

Extracts from the Teutonic Theosopher
by Jakob Boehme

DEAR Children of God, let us heartily and seriously consider, from whence we are, and whither we are to go, and what we do and purpose, that we may not lose the eternal and highest Good: wherefore do we so very much labour after temporary pleasure and voluptuousness, after Honour, Money, and Goods? are we not in this World strange Guests, and Pilgrims, which should continually expect when this life shall end? we are not created for the pleasure and lust of this life; but for Paradisiacal Joy, and to lead a simple child-like life; we should not know of any pomp, state, or haughtiness: but live together as children in a loving sport of Joy: we are gone out from our true, pure, Paradisiacal Mother; wherein we should live in her as dear and loving children.

Aurora: The Day-Spring The Author's Preface

On the New Birth; Lip-Christians; Lip-Priests, Being Taught of God

The Gate of a Poor Sinner

The Gate to Babel

Of Man in the Antichristian World

A Gate, showing which WAY we must walk through this World, into the Kingdom of God

An ABC on Faith

On the Broad and Narrow WAY

Of the Company and Assistance of the Holy Angels

How Men ought to Pray - Excerpt One

How Men ought to Pray - Excerpt Two

Christ is the Gate

Jacob's Ladder

Epistle XIII

On Christian Tolerance

Dear Brethren, it is not a handful of Historical Faith that will do it, for men to set the merits of Christ aloft: It must be sincere and earnest: You must earnestly enter through Death and Hell of the Devils into the merits of Christ. You must overcome the Spirit of this world. Your will must press itself with all its reason and thoughts into the will of God, and then you will well see how little the Historical knowledge can do.

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"When to seek God has become life and to glorify God has become self, then you have truly found God."