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The Old Time Gospel

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"The Lord gave the word:
great was the company of
those that published it."

Psalm 68:11

A Ministry dedicated to preserving the truth and accuracy of the infallible Word of God.
Children's Ministry:   Guess the Animals on Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark in the Great Flood

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Noah's Ark

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Noah's Ark
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Old Testament Trivia

  1.   What was the purpose of the plagues?   Answer
  2.   What were the ten plagues?   Answer
  3.   What plague climaxed the contest between Pharaoh and God?   Answer
  4.   What was the significance of the Passover Festival?   Answer
  5.   What was the sign for the Israelites to know when to travel with the tabernacle?   Answer
  6.   Who were the Israelites that presented the profane fire and who were they related to?   Answer
  7.   What was the population count of Israel before they left Mount Sinai?   Answer
  8.   What tribe was not to be included in the initial census?   Answer
  9.   What was unique about the census of the Levites?   Answer
 10.  Where was the Tabernacle located when Israel was encamped or enroute?   Answer
 11.  How many spies were sent into Canaan and was significant as to how they were chosen?   Answer
 12.  Who were the spy that wanted to enter Canaan and "take possession of it"?   Answer
 13.  Who were the leaders of the rebellions against Moses and Aaron?   Answer
 14.  What happened in Numbers 21 when the people complained against God?   Answer
 15.  What saved the people from the serpents?   Answer
 16.  How is the incident of the serpent used in the New Testament and what was the significant lesson learned?   Answer
 17.  What nation refused to let Israel use their highway and what did they do?   Answer
 18.  Who was Balak? (Numbers 22:4)   Answer
 19.  How many prophesies did Balaam receive?   Answer
 20.  Why was Moses denied entrance into Canaan?   Answer

Old Testament Trivia

  1.   They were designed to show the might of God to both the Israelites, as well as the Egyptians and Pharaoh.
  2.   Water becomes blood, frogs, lice, flies, livestock diseased, boils, hail, locusts, darkness, death of the firstborn (Exodus 10-12)
  3.   The institution of the Passover. The Israelites were instructed to wipe lamb's blood on the door frames of their homes to protect their firstborn sons from death while the firstborn sons of the Egyptians were killed. (Exodus 11)
  4.   This Passover festival would become the name of the most important of the Old Testament annual festivals, instituted to commemorate God's grace in sparing the Jewish sons the night He struck Egypt's homes with death. (Exodus 12)
  5.   When the cloud would be taken up above the tabernacle they were to travel and when the cloud rested on the tabernacle they would stay where they were. (Exodus 40:34-38)
  6.   Nadab and Abihu - sons of Aaron (Leviticus 10:1)
  7.   The count was about 603,550, not counting the women, children, and the Levites. (Numbers1:46)
  8.   The tribe of Levi. (Numbers 1:49)
  9.   The duties of the Levitical priests were assigned by their family affiliation (Numbers 3)
  10. The Tabernacle was located in the center of Israel. When they were encamped, the Levites surrounded the Tabernacle with three tribes in each direction beyond the Levites. (Numbers 2) When traveling, six tribes went before it and six tribes followed it. (Numbers 10)
  11. 12 - One from each tribe of the Israelites (Numbers 13)
  12. Caleb (Numbers 13:30) )
  13. Korah with a group of Levites, Dathan and Abiram of the Tribe of Reuben (Numbers 16)
  14. The Lord sent fiery serpents among them (Numbers 21:6)
  15. The Lord told Moses to make a fiery serpent and to set it on a pole and all who looked on it would be saved (Numbers 21:8)
  16. Jesus drew a comparison between His cross and the bronze snake, which Moses raised upon the pole. (Cf. John 3:14-16). The link expressed between these two events occurs in verse 15. The secret of the healing power of the bronze snake lay not in magic but in faith.
  17. King Sihon and the Amorites refused them entry and went out against the Israelites and were defeated.
  18. Balak was the son of Zippor, as well as the king of the Moabites.
  19. Four (Numbers 23 - 24)
  20. Moses was instructed by God to speak to the rock in the desert of Zim (Numbers 20:1-13). Instead, he chose to disobey God and strike the rock with his staff instead, to produce water a second time from the rock. For this disobedience God declared he would not cross over into the Promised Land.

I Love Cartoons!

By Thom Tapp

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