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A Ministry dedicated to preserving the truth and accuracy of the infallible Word of God.
Colonel Samuel Logan Brengle:     Heart Talks On Holiness     Table of Contents

Colonel Samuel Logan Brengle
Colonel Brengle

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Heart Talks On Holiness
by Colonel Samuel Logan Brengle

Table Of Contents

Preface       - Preface

Chapter 1   - Death Of 'The Old Man'

Chapter 2   - Holiness: What It Is Not, And What It Is

Chapter 3   - Holiness: How To Get It

Chapter 4   - Hindrances To Holiness

Chapter 5   - The Outcome Of A Clean Heart

Chapter 6   - How To Keep A Clean Heart

Chapter 7   - Holiness Before The Flood; Or, Do You Walk With God?

Chapter 8   - Paul A Pattern

Chapter 9   - Testify To The Blessing

Chapter 10   - Knowing Jesus

Chapter 11   - Freedom From Sin

Chapter 12   - Wrestlers With God

Chapter 13   - Union With Jesus

Chapter 14   - In God's School

Chapter 15   - Holiness And Self-Denial

Chapter 16   - Spiritual Power

Chapter 17   - Jesus, The Working Man

Chapter 18   - The Legacy Of Holiness

Chapter 19   - Thanksgiving

Chapter 20   - 'Don't Flinch'

Chapter 21   - Faith Is What You Want

Chapter 22   - Practical Lessons Of The Resurrection

Chapter 23   - Evil-Speaking

Chapter 24   - How To Study The Bible

Chapter 25   - How To Prepare For The Meeting

Chapter 26   - A Word To You Who Would Be Useful

Chapter 27   - Fools For Christ's Sake


This book is a welcome successor to the writer's former volume on the same subject, which was entitled Helps To Holiness. The aim of both is intensely practical. The former has won for itself a permanent place in the literature of this great subject, and I have little doubt but that the present work will prove equally useful to the plain people for whom it is written -- pilgrims, soldiers of Christ, who are seeking how they may order their lives and train their hearts in holiness and righteousness before Him.

I have said that the aim of these papers is a practical one. Nothing would, I am convinced, be more unsatisfactory to the author, a gifted officer of The Salvation Army, than that the perusal of what he has written here should result merely in a better understanding of the theory of salvation, or even in increased knowledge of the will of God. He has aimed at something more than this -- to help men and women to enjoy that salvation, and to enjoy it now, and to lead every reader to do that will, and to do it all the time.

The glorious experience here described and enforced is the true secret of a life of happiness and usefulness on earth as it is the highest preparation for the life and service of Heaven. That experience is for you.

W. Bramwell Booth

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"When to seek God has become life and to glorify God has become self, then you have truly found God."