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We are more than conquerors
through him that loved us.

Romans 8:37

"The enemy is behind us.
The enemy is in front of us.
The enemy is to the right
and the left of us.
They can't get away this time!"

General Douglas McArthur

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"Love to God is armor of proof against error. For want of hearts full of love, men have heads full of error; unholy opinions are for want of holy affections."
Thomas Watson

The School of Christ

By T. Austin Sparks

Great Christian Works

"Brethren, we must preach
the doctrines;
we must emphasize
the doctrines;
we must go back to
the doctrines.

I fear that the new generation does not know the doctrines
as our fathers knew them."

John A. Broadus

"In the Scriptures there is a portrait of God, but in Christ there is God himself. A coin bears the image of Caesar, but Caesar's son is his own lively resemblance. Christ is the living Bible."
Thomas Manton

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"My words are Spirit and Life, and not to be weighed by the understanding of man. They are not to be drawn forth for vain approbation, but to be heard in silence, and to be received with all humility and great affection."
Thomas à Kempis

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Move Me with Your Message

Move me with your message once again
It's been so long since my heart burned within
Take me back once more to Calvary
And one more time your message will move me.

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My Jesus, I Love Thee
"I'll love thee in life,
I will love thee in death;
And praise thee as long
as thou lendest me breath;
And say when the death dew
lies cold on my brow,
If ever I loved thee,
My Jesus tis now."
by William R. Featherston

(Composed in 1862 at the age of 16)

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Bible in a Year

A true revival means nothing
less than a revolution,
casting out the spirit
of worldliness,
making God's love
triumph in the heart.

  Andrew Murray

"Delay is the love of God
taking counsel with wisdom."
A. B. Bruce

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The Word of God well understood and religiously obeyed is the shortest route to spiritual perfection. And we must not select a few favorite passages to the exclusion of others. Nothing less than a whole Bible can make a whole Christian.
A. W. Tozer

"We shall find, when we reach the end of life, that all which God has done, however dark and mysterious it may have appeared at the time, was so connected with our good as to make it a proper subject of praise and thanksgiving."

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"Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits: "   Psalm 103:2

The Old Book and the Old Faith

The old Book and the old faith
Are the Rock on which I stand!
˜ ˜ ˜
The old Book and the old faith
Are the bulwark of the land!
˜ ˜ ˜
Thro' storm and stress
they stand the test
In every clime and nation blessed;
˜ ˜ ˜
The old Book and the old faith
Are the hope of every land!

Words & Music:
George H. Carr, 1914

Salvation is Free
Jesus paid it all
at Calvary!

Behold, I stand at the Door and Knock

The Old Time Gospel

Over 9,600 pages
of Christian material.

"The Lord gave the word:
great was the company of
those that published it."

Psalm 68:11

A true revival means nothing
less than a revolution,
casting out the spirit
of worldliness,
making God's love
triumph in the heart.

  Andrew Murray

A Ministry dedicated to preserving the truth and accuracy of the infallible Word of God.
Master Listing of TOTG Sermons:

God's Generals

Master Sermon List
The Old Time Gospel

(Alphabetical Order by Last Name)
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Alexander, Archibald
•   The Lord's Day
•   The Cross
•   Fasting
•   The Day of Judgment
•   Vital Piety
•   Nature and Means of Growth in Grace
•   Obedience to Christ Gives Assurance of the Truth of His Doctrines
•   Practical Directions How to Grow in Grace and Make Progress in Piety

Alexander, James
•   The Cultivation of Personal Piety

Allestree, Richard
•   The Government of the Tongue   (Book)

Ames, William
•   The Hearing of the Word
•   Justification

Anderson, T. M.
•   Prayer Availeth Much   (Book)

•   On Christian Doctrine

Austin-Sparks, Theodore
•   As few men have ever known Him   (Biography)
•   The School of Christ   (Book)
•   Spiritual Sight   (Book)
•   Filled Unto All the Fulness of God   (Book)
•   The Inner Man of the Heart   (Booklet)
•   All Things in Christ
•   "Nor... the Smell of Fire..."
•   A Child over the Nations
•   Vessels of Ministry
•   Attaining to God's Full Thought
•   By My Spirit
•   The Greatness of the Cross
•   Spiritual Warfare
•   The Church in the Spiritual Realm
•   In God or Outside of God?
•   The Necessity For New Birth
•   Spirituality: The Key To All That is of God
•   Unto The First Three
•   For the Glory of God
•   Bethany
•   According to Christ
•   Titles of the Risen Lord
•   A Vital Ministry in a Day of Transition
•   Christian Service from God's Standpoint
•   Coming Down From God Out Of Heaven
•   The Word, the Work and the World
•   Faith's Persistency
•   In the Likeness of His Resurrection
•   Loose Him, and Let Him Go!
•   A House of Prayer For All People
•   A God That Hideth Himself
•   According To Christ
•   I Have Loved Thee
•   Christ the Power of God
•   The Lord's Recovery Movement
•   Let Us Run
•   The Offence of the Cross
•   A Man in Christ
•   The Fruit of Conflict
•   A Saviour to the Uttermost
•   Because of the Blood of the Lamb
•   God Needs Gideons

Bagster, Samuel
•   Daily Light On The Daily Path   (Devotional)

Bartleman, Frank
•   The Seeds of Revival

Bates, William
•   Forgiveness of Sins

Baxter, Richard
•   Prayer Makes History   (Biography)
•   Ministerial Pride
•   Four Aids to Heavenly Contemplation
•   The Suburbs of Heaven
•   Directions Against Sinful Desires and Discontent
•   The Importance Of Leading A Heavenly Life Upon Earth
•   Considerations to Keep Us from Worldliness
•   The Sinfulness of Flesh-Pleasing
•   Ministers of Love
•   Directions Against Covetousness
•   A Word about Pride
•   How to Spend the Day with God
•   Self-Denial
•   Directions for Hating Sin
•   The Hallway to the Saints' Rest
•   Cases and Directions for Loving Our Neighbour as Ourselves

Black, David
•   The Deceitfulness of the Heart
•   The Duty of Seeking the Things Which Are Jesus Christ's

Boehme, Jakob
•   The Works of Jakob Boehme
•   The Key to Divine Mysteries
•   Treasures From The Writings Of Jacob Boehme
•   Extracts from the Teutonic Theosopher
•   The Way from Darkness to True Illumination
•   God is All
•   Of Heaven and Hell
•   Of True Resignation Or Dying to Self

Boettner, Loraine
•   The Trinity

Bonar, Andrew
•   The Cup of Wrath
•   Angel Workers

Bonar, Horatious
•   God's Way of Holiness   (Book)
•   Follow the Lamb   (Book)
•   Bible Thoughts & Themes   (Devotional)
•   Not Faith, But Christ
•   Revival Men
•   The Great Separation
•   The Saint and the Seventh Chapter of Romans
•   How Shall I Go To God?
•   The Surety's Cross
•   True Revival and the Men God Uses
•   Righteous Grace
•   Christ the Cleanser
•   How Shall Man Be Right With God?
•   The Glory To Come
•   The Gospel Of The Holy Spirit's Love
•   God Seeking Worshippers
•   The Blood of Sprinkling
•   True and False Consolation

Booth, Catherine
•   The Works of Catherine Booth
•   Popular Christianity   (Small Book)
•   Aggressive Christianity
•   Its Cowardly Service vs. The Real Warfare
•   Its False Christs Compared With The Christ Of God
•   Its Sham Compassion vs. The Dying Love Of Christ
•   Its Sham Judgment in Contrast With The Great White Throne
•   Its Mock Salvation vs. A Real Deliverance From Sin
•   What is Repentance?

Booth, William
•   Founder of the Salvation Army   (Biography)
•   Purity of Heart   (Book)
•   How to Find God
•   A Vision Of The Lost

Boston, Thomas
•   The Beauties of Boston   (Book)
•   The Art of Manfishing   (Booklet)
•   Reading and Searching the Scriptures
•   Of Christ's Offices in General
•   The Old and the New Man in Believers
•   The Scriptures, The Book Of The Lord
•   The Sinfulness of Man's Natural State
•   Death: Part I
•   Death: Part II
•   Motives To Secret Prayer
•   How the Spirit Enables Us to Pray
•   Praying in the Name of Christ
•   HELL

Bounds, Edward McKendree
•   The Mighty Prayer Warrior   (Biography)
•   Prayer and Devotion
•   Unction
•   Revivals That Stay
•   Devotion – The Heart of Prayer
•   Prayer Takes In the Whole Man
•   More and Better Praying the Secret of Success

Brainerd, David
•   The Life and Diary of the Rev. David Brainerd   (Diary)
•   Missionary to the American Indians   (Biography)

Brengle, Samuel Logan
•   When the Holy Ghost is Come   (Book)
•   Ancient Prophets   (Book)
•   You
•   The Man God Uses
•   Why Should We Be Holy?
•   An Undivided Heart
•   First Things First
•   Hindrances To Holiness
•   Take Time To Wait On God
•   How To Keep A Clean Heart
•   A Common Yet Subtle Sin
•   Misrepresenting God
•   Maintaining The Holiness Standard
•   "So Spake"
•   Holy Covetousness
•   I Counted...And I Count
•   How A Nobody Became A Somebody
•   Love Slaves
•   A Word To Those Who Are Growing Old
•   Whitened Harvest Fields
•   Future Punishment And The Bible
•   The Terror Of The Lord
•   Characteristics of the Anointed Preacher When The Holy Ghost is Come

Broadus, John A.
•   The Good Shepherd
•   Necessity of the Atonement
•   Loving Jesus Christ

Brooks, Thomas
•   Precious Remedies Against Satan's Devices   (Book)
•   The Privy Key of Heaven   (Book)
•   Heaven on Earth   (Book)
•   The Distinguishing Marks of False Teachers
•   The Best Things Reserved Till Last
•   Helps Against Temptations
•   Christ's Love for Sinners
•   Love the Lord Jesus Christ!
•   Christ's Love for us
•   Christ is the Life of Believers

Bruce, F. F.
•   The Two Testaments

Buchanan, James
•   The Holy Spirit of Prayer

Bunyan, John
•   Pilgrim's Progress   (Book)
•   English Baptist preacher and writer   (Biography)
•   Christ A Complete Saviour   (Booklet)
•   Saving Faith
•   Praying in the Spirit
•   John Bunyan's Dying Sayings
•   Family Duty
•   What True Prayer Is
•   The White Devil
•   The New Birth

Burroughs, Jeremiah
•   Christ Is All In All
•   The Incomparable Excellency and Holiness of God
•   The Right Manner of Worship and Drawing Nigh Unto God

Bushnell, Horace
•   The Character of Jesus   (Book)
•   Living to God in Small Things

Butler, Joseph
•   Sermons on Human Nature   (Book)
•   Upon the Character of Balaam
•   Upon Self-Deceit
•   Upon the Government of the Tongue

Calvin, John
•   The Word Our Only Rule

Campbell, Duncan
•   The Nature of a God sent Revival
•   Steadfastness in Conduct
•   Steadfastness in Conflict
•   Steadfastness in Character
•   The Price And Power Of Revival
•   Heart Purity
•   The Door of Vision

Candlish, Robert Smith
•   The Authority And Inspiration 0f The Holy Scriptures
•   Relation Between The Atonement And Faith
•   The Infallibility Of Holy Scripture

Carey, William
•   Father of Baptist Missions   (Biography)

Carradine, Beverly
•   Soul Help   (Book)

Carroll, B. H.
•   Having the Form, But Denying the Power
•   Christ Seeks Not Yours, But You!
•   A Sermon For Erring Christians
•   My Deposit With God, and God's Deposit With Me
•   The War Between the Flesh and the Spirit

Cartwright, Peter
•   Campmeeting Fire

Chadwick, George Alexander
•   The Seed Growing Secretly

Chadwick, Samuel
•   What Does The Cross Stand For?
•   Praying In The Spirit
•   Discourse On the Eternity of God
•   The Church WITHOUT The Spirit

Chapman, J. Wilbur
•   The Precious Blood of Christ
•   Eternity

Charnock, Stephen
•   The Eternity of God
•   The Imputation of our Sins
•   God's Patience Abused
•   A Discourse of Delight In Prayer
•   A Discourse of Mortification
•   A Discourse On the Eternity of God
•   A Discourse On the Wisdom of God
•   A Discourse On the Power of God
•   A Discourse of the Cleansing Virtue of Christ's Blood

Clarke, Samuel
•   Clarke's Scripture Promises

Clarkson, David
•   Soul Idolatry Excludes Men out of Heaven

Comenius, Jan Amos
•   Labyrinth of the World   (An Allegory)

Darby, John
•   The Parables
•   The Vail
•   Brief Exposition of the Epistle of James
•   Ephesians 6:1-24

Davies, Samuel
The Compassion of Christ to Weak Believers

Doddridge, Philip
•   The Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul   (Book)

Drummond, Henry
•   Natural Law In The Spiritual World   (Book)
•   The Greatest Thing in the World   (Booklet)
•   Pax Vobiscum   (Booklet)
•   The Programme of Christianity   (Booklet)
•   Stones Rolled Away and other addresses   (Booklet)
•   The City Without A Church   (Booklet)
•   A Life for A Life and other addresses   (Booklet)
•   The Changed Life   (Booklet)

Edwards, Jonathan
•   One of the men most responsible for the Great Awakening   (Biography)
•   How to Know if You Are a Real Christian   (Book)
•   Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God
•   God's Sovereignty in the Salvation of Men
•   Signs of True Revival
•   Christian Knowledge
•   Directions How to Conduct Yourself in Your Christian Course
•   Directions for Judging a Person's Experiences
•   The Preciousness Of Time, and The Importance Of Redeeming It
•   Wrath to the Uttermost
•   God Glorified In Man's Dependence
•   Christian Charity Enforced
•   The Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards
•   An Unpublished Essay on the Trinity
•   How to Know if You Are a Real Christian
•   Christian Cautions or The Necessity of Self-Examination
•   The Way of Holiness

Elliot, Jim
•   The Seeking Life   (Biography)

Ellsworth, Rodger
•   Phony Repentance

Epp, Theodore H.
•   Daniel's Seventieth Week

Erskine, Ralph
•   Approaching Darkness
•   Gospel Humiliation
•   What Sinners Should Plead with God
•   Objections Against Receiving Christ Answered
•   The Difference Between Legal and Gospel Mortification

Evans, Christmas
•   The Time of Reformation
•   The Welsh Preacher   (Biography)

Finney, Charles. G.
•   The Persuaded Life   (Biography)
•   Power From On High   (Book)
•   The Loss When a Soul is Lost
•   Hindrances To Revivals
•   Sinners Bound to Change their Own Heart
•   How to Change your Heart
•   Traditions of the Elders
•   The Doom of those who Neglect the Great Salvation
•   Having A Good Conscience
•   On Believing with the Heart
•   Total Depravity pt. I
•   Total Depravity pt. II
•   God Cannot Please Sinners
•   Take Heed To Thyself
•   Christian Affinity
•   Stewardship
•   Doctrine of Election
•   The Backslider in Heart
•   Breaking Up the Fallow Ground
•   Seeking the Kingdom of God First
•   To Win Souls Requires Wisdom
•   Superficial Revival
•   Revelation Of God's Glory
•   Losing First Love
•   Sanctification By Faith
•   What is Revival?
•   Justification by Faith
•   What a Revival of Religion is
•   Love of the World
•   How to Preach So As To Convert Nobody
•   The Reward of Fervant Prayer
•   Proving God
•   How To Be A Witness
•   Why Sinners Hate God
•   Holiness Essential to Salvation
•   "Devotions" or Devotion?
•   Not Far From the Kingdom of God
•   How To Overcome Sin
•   What Will Bring Revival in America?
•   Victory Over the World Through Faith
•   Mocking God
•   The Rule by Which Guilt of Sin is Estimated
•   Purity of Heart and Mind
•   False Professors
•   Making God a Liar

Flavel, John
•   The Fountain of Life   (Book)
•   A Display of Christ   (Book)
•   Christ Altogether Lovely
•   Idolatrous Worship
•   Evil Effects of Unbelief
•   Keeping The Heart
•   Christ the Desire of All Nations
•   The Christian View of Death

Fletcher, John
•   Christ Manifested
•   A New Knowledge

Fox, George
•   The Sealed Epistle of George Fox
•   The Unshakable Shaker   (Biography)

Fox, John
•   Fox's Book of Martyrs   (Book)

Gill, John
•   Gill's Commentary on the Ten Commandments
•   Christ the Savior from the Tempest
•   The Elect of God
•   Conversion
•   Abide in Me, and I in You
•   The Manifestation of Christ
•   The Table and Shew-Bread
•   Of Christ, The Mediator Of The Covenant
•   The Law in the Hand of Christ
•   The Wave-Sheaf Typical Of Christ
•   The Eyes of the Lord Upon
•   The Glorious State of the Saints in Heaven
•   The Form of Sound Words to be Held Fast
•   The Doctrine of the Cherubim Opened and Explained
•   The Doctrine of the Wheels Opened and Explained
•   Baptism A Divine Commandment
•   The Glory of the Church in the Latter Day
•   He Emptied Himself
•   Of Spiritual Mindedness
•   The Fulness of the Mediator
•   Attendance in Places of Religious Worship Encouraged
•   The Only Guide In Matters Of Faith
•   The Agreement Of The Old And New Testament
•   Of the Object of Worship

Goforth, Johnathan
•   Are We Ready To Pay The Price For Revival?

Goodwin, Thomas
•   The Wisdom of Patience
•   Aggravation of Sin
•   The Glory of the Gospel
•   Aggravations of Sinning Against Knowledge
•   Sermon 1 on Hebrews
•   Sermon 2 on Hebrews
•   The Greatness of God's Love to His Elect
•   The Vanity of Thoughts

Gordon, S. D.
•   Quiet Talks On Service   (Book)
•   Quiet Talks on Prayer   (Book)

Gouge, William
•   Covetousness

Griffin, Edward
•   Whom Have I in Heaven but Thee?
•   When I was a Child I Thought as a Child
•   Heaven
•   Enoch Walked With God

Gurnall, William
•   Beware Of Spiritual Pride!
•   Departing from the Living God

Guthrie, William
•   A Man's Interest in Christ may be Known

Hall, Newman
•   Come to Jesus

Hames, John
•   The Heavenly Anointing
•   Christ Enthroned Within
•   Why Some Are More Spiritual Than Others
•   The Holy of Holies
•   The Sweet Incense

Harsha, David
•   Wanderings Of A Pilgrim   (Book)

Hawker, Robert
•   The Glory Which I Had With Thee Before The World Was
•   Search The Scripture
•   What Think Ye Of Christ?

Hawthorne, Nathaniel
•   The Celestial Railroad

Henry, Matthew
•   Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God
•   Consecration to God
•   Ephesians 6:10-18
•   Introduction to Romans

Hodge, Charles
•   What it is to Eat and Drink Unworthily?
•   Future Punishment
•   The Nature and Necessity of a Public Profession of Religion
•   The Holy Spirit

Hodge, A. A.
•   Of Repentance Unto Life
•   GOD, His Nature And Relation To The Universe

Huntington, William
•   The Foolish Virgins Described
•   Napthali or Holy Wrestling

Hyde, John
•   O God, give me souls or I die!   (Biography)
•   Praying Missionary to India   (Biography)

Ironside, Harry
•   A Unique Ministry   (Biography)
•   Exposing Error: Is It Worthwhile?
•   Full Assurance Of Hope
•   What is The Gospel?
•   Holiness: The False and The True

James, John Angell
•   Self-Renunciation
•   Christian Love
•   Small Beginnings Not To Be Despised
•   Reading the Scriptures
•   Directions For Profitably Hearing The Word Of God
•   Different Degrees of Glory

Jones, Martyn-Lloyd
•   God or Mammon
•   Faith On Trial
•   Christian Conduct
•   What is Revival?
•   Jesus Christ and Him Crucified
•   The Real Reasons for Revival
•   Jesus On Prayer
•   Keep Yourselves from Idols
•   The Salt Of The Earth
•   The Light Of The World
•   He and He Alone
•   Effectual Calling and Regeneration

Jones, R. B.
•   Forsaken, Wrath of God

Judson, Adoniram
•   Advice to Missionary Candidates

Kempis, Thomas à
•   The Imitation of Christ

Kershaw, John
•   Spiritual Blessings in Christ

Knapp, Martin
•   Eternity

Kulp, George
•   The Callused Knees   (Book)
•   The Day Of Judgment
•   A Steward of the Mysteries of God
•   A Student of the Word
•   Travailing In Soul
•   It is Written
•   A Man Sent From God, Whose Name was John
•   A Voice From Eternity
•   Church Amusements

Lake, John G.
•   Christ Liveth in Me
•   The Habitation of God
•   English Methodist preacher and writer   (Biography)

Latimer, Hugh
•   Thou Canst Make Me Clean

Law, Henry
•   A Commentary on the Psalms   (Commentary)
•   I Am That I Am
•   Light
•   The Name

Law, William
•   A Kindled Flame   (Biography)
•   A Serious Call To A Devout And Holy Life   (Book)
•   The Grounds and Reasons of Christian Regeneration
•   Daily Early Prayer
•   The Divine Indwelling
•   Rules For Living A Holy Life

Lawrence, Brother
•   The Practice of the Presence of God

Lawson, George
•   God's Agency in War

Lee, Robert G.
•   Payday Someday!

Lewis, Jessie Penn
•   The Centrality of the Cross   (Book)
•   The Leading of the Lord
•   The Battle For The Mind
•   The Cross and Revival
•   The Spiritual Christian
•   The Life-Side of the Cross

Lightfoot, John
•   New Testament Bible Commentary   (Commentary)

Livingstone, David
•   A Missionary Heart and Soul   (Biography)

Love, Christopher
•   When is Prayer Heard?
•   The Mortification of Sin
•   A Description of True Blessedness
•   Wrath and Mercy
•   Two Queries about Hell
•   A True Map of Man's Miserable Estate by Nature

Luther, Martin
•   The Fruits of Faith – Our Spiritual Service

M'Cheyne, Robert Murray
•   A man of Fervent Prayer   (Biography)
•   Called with an Holy Calling
•   Who Shall Separate Us?
•   The Hireling and the True Shepherd
•   The Free Obedience of Christ
•   Holding Christ Fast
•   The Vision Of Dry Bones
•   A Castaway
•   Believers Not Ashamed Of The Cross Of Christ
•   Lightning from the East
•   The Cry for Revival
•   Christ The Door
•   This Do In Remembrance Of Me
•   Revival in the Ministry
•   The Pilgrim's Staff
•   The Conviction of Sin
•   The Ark
•   Another Lily Gathered
•   The Lord's Dealings with His People
•   Saving Faith the Gift of God
•   The Lord And His Rewards
•   The Saviour's Tears over the Lost
•   The Vessels Of Wrath Fitted To Destruction
•   Ambassadors For Christ
•   Will Ye Also Go Away?
•   Chosen to Salvation
•   Electing Love
•   The Love of Christ
•   The Inward Experience of Believers
•   A Time of Refreshing
•   The Heart Deceitful
•   God in Christ Reconciling the World
•   A Faithful Ministry
•   Conversion
•   Earnest Heed to the Message
•   Grieve Not the Holy Spirit
•   Ministers, Ambassadors For Christ
•   I Will Pour Water
•   The Christian's Warfare
•   Capernaum
•   Paul A Pattern
•   The Word Made Flesh
•   The Spirit Committed to God
•   A Right to the Tree of Life
•   Watching Unto Prayer
•   Christ the Way, the Truth, and the Life
•   Future Punishment Eternal
•   The Mental Agonies Of Hell
•   Time Is Short

MacDuff, John
•   The Faithful Promiser   (Devotional)
•   The Rainbow in the Clouds   (Devotional)
•   Grapes of Eschol   (Devotional)

Machen, J. Gresham
•   The Consequences of the Fall of Man
•   Faith in God
•   The Fall of Man
•   The Fear of God
•   Constraining Love

Mackintosh, C. H.
•   Christ in the Vessel
•   The Ten Virgins
•   Ready
•   Living By Faith
•   God's Way And How To Find It
•   God's Fulness For An Empty Vessel

Maclaren, Alexander
•   A Pattern For Prayer
•   Anxious Care
•   Hope Perfectly
•   The Guiding Pillar
•   The Shepherd – The Stone Of Israel
•   Zion's Joy and God's
•   Jehovah Jireh
•   A Pattern of Prayer
•   The Joy of the Lord
•   The Absent Present Christ
•   More Than Conquerors
•   The Measure Of Immeasurable Power
•   The Cross the Proof
•   The Delays of Love

Manton, Thomas
•   The Coming of Christ Desired by His People
•   Be Not Soon Shaken in Mind
•   Mortified Eyes
•   Holiness
•   The Oppression of Man
•   The Man of Sin, the Son of Perdition
•   God's Word in Our Hearts

Mather, Cotton
•   What Must I Do To Be Saved?
•   A Father's Resolutions
•   Satisfaction in God
•   The Duties of Parents To Their Children

Maxwell, L. E.
•   The Cross Day By Day

McIlvaine, Charles
•   Preaching Christ

Meikle, James
•   Converse with the Unseen World

Meyer, F. B.
•   One of the greatly loved preachers   (Biography)
•   Our Daily Homily   (Devotional)
•   The Secret Of Guidance   (Book)
•   The Way Into The Holiest   (Book)
•   The Fulness Of The Spirit
•   Arise, Go Up To Bethel
•   The Secret Of Fruitfulness
•   The Dynamic Of Pentecost
•   The Blessed Life
•   How to Bear Sorrow
•   God is Near
•   Fact! Faith! Feeling!
•   The Secret of Christ's Indwelling
•   The Gospel of Rest
•   Life Without Miracles

Miller, J. R.
•   Alone, Yet Not Alone
•   The Duty of Encouragement

Moffat, Robert
•   Robert Moffat, Missionary   (Biography)

Moody Dwight L.
•   The Empowered Life   (Biography)
•   Heaven   (Book)
•   Prevailing Prayer   (Book)
•   The Seven "I Will's" of Christ
•   The Secret Of Success In Christian Life And Work
•   True And Successful Prayer
•   The Reward Of The Faithful
•   Tomorrow May Be Too Late
•   All In All
•   The Lord's Work
•   Repentance
•   Christian Love
•   To the Afflicted
•   Hell

Morgan, G. Campbell
•   A gifted Preacher and Teacher   (Biography)
•   The Kingdom Shall Be The Lord's
•   Holiness: It's Definition
•   Dwellers In Fire
•   The Vengeance of God
•   Sanctification
•   Holiness: It's Hindrances
•   Power By The Cross
•   The Darkness Of Golgotha

Mueller, George
•   Unbelief
•   Real Faith
•   My Heavenly Friend
•   The Secret Of Prevailing Prayer
•   Making the Most Of Your Devotions

Murphy, Owen
•   When God Stepped Down From Heaven

Murray, Andrew
•   The Apostle Of Abiding Love   (Biography)
•   The Spirit of Christ   (Book)
•   Within or The Kingdom of God is Within You   (Book)
•   The True Vine   (Book)
•   With Christ in the School of Prayer   (Book)
•   The Master's Indwelling   (Book)
•   Like Christ   (Book)
•   The Children For Christ   (Book)
•   The New Life   (Book)
•   Thy Will Be Done   (Book)
•   The School of Obedience   (Small Book)
•   Working For God   (Small Book)
•   The Prayer Life   (Small Book)
•   Helps to Intercession   (Small Book)
•   The Lord's Table   (Small Book)
•   The Secret of the Cross   (Devotional)
•   The Morning Watch   (Devotional)
•   Abide in Christ   (Devotional)
•   Waiting on God   (Devotional)
•   Humility: The Secret of Redemption
•   Dwelling in "The Holiest" Through the Blood
•   God Blesses When You Surrender
•   As you came to Him, by Faith
•   The Power of Persevering Prayer
•   The Will of God
•   The Power of Faith
•   At That Day
•   The Morning Hour With God
•   Conformed to Jesus
•   Fear Not, Only Believe!
•   Follow Me
•   The Glorified One
•   Missionary Work
•   The Fruit Of The Spirit Is Love
•   Humility, The Strength Of the Lamb
•   Christ's Friendship: Its Intimacy
•   A New Life
•   What Kind of REVIVAL Do We Need?
•   Life in the Blood
•   Money
•   The Spirit and the Flesh
•   The Glory Of Abiding In Christ
•   Having Begun In The Spirit
•   The Temple of the Holy Spirit
•   Daily Fellowship with God
•   Reconciliation Through the Blood
•   Redemption by Blood
•   Sanctification Through the Blood
•   Cleansing through the Blood
•   The Sprinkling of Blood, and the Trinity
•   The Milk of the Word
•   God's Word In Our Heart
•   Impossible With Man, Possible With God
•   Faith
•   The Power Of God's Word
•   Holiness
•   Love
•   The Holy Spirit
•   Humility
•   The Leading Of The Spirit
•   The Might Of Satan
•   Having Begun In The Spirit
•   O Wretched Man That I Am!

Nee, Watchman
•   Christian Author and Martyr in China   (Biography)
•   The Spiritual Man   (Book)
•   Love Not The World   (Book)
•   The Dangers of Soulish Life
•   Robbing the Usurper
•   A World Under Water
•   Lights in the World
•   Crucified Life

Nettleton, Asahel
•   The Destruction of Hardened Sinners
•   Professing Christians, Awake!
•   The Final Warning
•   Rejoice Young Man...
•   Regeneration

Newberry, Thomas
•   Types of the Tabernacle   (Book)
•   Types of the Temple   (Book)

Newton, John
•   Faith - Spiritual Knowledge - Seeking - True Repentance   (Letter)
•   The Constraining Influence of the Love of Christ
•   The Present and Future Rest of Believers in Christ
•   King of Kings
•   Public Prayer
•   The School Of Suffering

Orr, J. Edwin
•   The Church Must First Repent
•   Conditions For Revival
•   Prayer and Revival
•   A Destructive Ministry Also is Necessary

Owen, John
•   Vigorous exertion of the spirit   (Biography)
•   On The Mortification Of Sin In Believers   (Book)
•   The Temptation of Believers
•   Pneumatologia
•   Motives unto the Love of Christ
•   Perilous Times
•   Hope is a Glorious Grace
•   The Work of the Holy Spirit
•   The Mind of God in Scripture
•   How we may Bring our Hearts to Bear Reproofs
•   How are Believers Guided into 'All Truth'?
•   Spirit Brings Remembrance
•   The Work of Conversion
•   National Sins And National Judgments
•   The Divine Power Of The Gospel
•   The Life and Power of Divine Truth in Christ

Perkins, William
•   The Elizabethan Puritan Par Excellance!   (Biography)

Philpot, J. C.
•   The Hope of the Hypocrite
•   The Vine and its Branches
•   The Cry of Jonah out of the Belly of Hell
•   Meditations on the Holy Spirit
•   Spiritual Fruit
•   Wrestling Jacob
•   Heavenly Gifts to Victorious Saints
•   Following on to Know the Lord
•   A Supply for Every Need
•   Abiding in Christ
•   Walking in the Spirit
•   The Everliving Intercessor
•   The Mountain Made a Plain
•   The Christian Warfare
•   Joy and Gladness for Mourning Souls
•   The Day of Power
•   Pilgrims' Hunger and Pilgrims' Food
•   The Afflicted Remnant And Their Confiding Trust
•   The Eagle And Her Young
•   Filth and Blood Purged by the Spirit of Judgment and the Spirit of Burning
•   The Sword of the Spirit
•   A Longing Soul in a Thirsty Land
•   The Word of Men and the Word of God
•   The Refuge Of The Oppressed
•   Divine Separation
•   The Sin-Sick Soul And The Great Physician
•   A Compassionate High Priest and a Throne of Grace
•   Crucifixion with Christ

Pink, Arthur W.
•   Spiritual Growth   (Book)
•   The Beatitudes   (Book)
•   The Heroes Of Faith   (Book)
•   The Redeemer's Return   (Book)
•   Comfort for Christians   (Book)
•   Profiting from the Word   (Booklet)
•   The Law and The Saint   (Booklet)
•   God's Sovereignty Defined
•   Inward Impressions
•   The Spirit Transforming
•   Practical Godliness
•   The Word of Forgiveness
•   Christian Fools
•   Licentious Preaching
•   Godly Sorrow
•   All Things
•   Brethren, Beware!
•   The Christian In Romans 7
•   Christ, The Bread of Life
•   The Prodigal Son
•   Repent or Perish
•   The Call of Christ
•   Repentance
•   God's Sovereignty And The Human Will
•   The Holy Spirit's Work in Salvation
•   Cross-Bearing
•   I am the Way, Truth Life
•   The Fight of Faith
•   Conviction of Sin
•   The Tabernacle
•   The Solitariness of God
•   God's Word and Obedience
•   Strange Fire
•   Honoring the Spirit
•   The Believer's Paradox
•   The Hope of His Calling
•   The Divine Rememberer
•   The Sovereignty of God
•   His Glory As The Son Of Man
•   Present Day Evangelism
•   The Scriptures and Obedience
•   The Scriptures and the World
•   Is Christ Your Lord?
•   A Tender Heart
•   Family Worship
•   Another Gospel
•   The Third Commandment
•   Eternal Punishment
•   Gospel Preaching Commanded
•   Objections to God's Sovereignty Answered
•   The Atonement
•   Divine Providence
•   Divine Guidance
•   The Wrath of God
•   The Impeccability of Christ

(There are no Q's)

Ravenhill, Leonard
•   Pentecost
•   The Judgment Seat Of Christ
•   Zeal – Love Ablaze!
•   Prayer
•   Branded for Christ
•   Today's Sleeping Giant
•   Have We No Tears for Revival?
•   Who's Touching the Ark?
•   Picture of a Prophet
•   Baptism of Fire
•   Portrait of a Revival Preacher
•   The Taming of the Tongue
•   Faith Laughs at Impossibilities
•   Are We Willing to Drink His Cup?
•   What is your vision?
•   It is Finished
•   Weeping between the Porch and the Altar   Part I
•   Weeping between the Porch and the Altar   Part II
•   Your Day in Court

Reade, Thomas
•   On Love
•   Walking with God
•   Spiritual Exercises Of The Heart

Reid, William
•   The Blood of Jesus

Reidhead, Paris
•   Ten Shekels and a Shirt

Roberts, Evan
•   Evan Roberts and the Welsh Revival

Roberts, Richard Owen
•   Revival Terminology in History

Robertson, Frederick William
•   God's Revelation of Heaven

Rowlands, Daniel
•   Preached with power of the Holy Ghost   (Biography)

Rutherford, Samuel
•   The Weeping Mary at the Sepulcre
•   Preparations Before Conversion
•   Soul Trouble
•   Sorrow for Sin

Ryle, J. C.
•   First Bishop of Liverpool   (Biography)
•   Holiness   (Book)
•   Are You Ready?
•   Are We Sanctified?
•   Suppose An Unholy Man Went To Heaven
•   Form or Heart?
•   Are You Born Again?
•   Idolatry
•   What Can You Know
•   Love
•   Come!
•   Reality!
•   Only One Way
•   Sin
•   Peace! Be Still!
•   The City
•   Thirst Relieved
•   Eternity!
•   Where are You?
•   Faith's Choice
•   The Lord's Garden
•   Is Thy Heart Right?
•   The Real Presence, What Is It?
•   The True Church
•   The World
•   Prayer
•   Pharisees and Sadducees
•   Heaven
•   A Call to Prayer
•   Are You Looking?
•   Remember Lot!
•   We Must Be Holy
•   The Great Battle
•   Many Shall Come
•   Not Corrupting the Word
•   Able to Save
•   Dead or Alive?
•   Jesus and Nicodemus
•   The Great Separation
•   Faith and Assurance
•   Sound Words
•   The Blood of the Lamb
•   Be Zealous
•   Ready to Be Offered
•   Occupy Till I Come
•   Expository Thoughts On John 1:14
•   Self-Examination
•   Free Salvation
•   Fire! Fire!
•   Matthew Chapter 23
•   Christ Crucified
•   Consider Your Ways
•   Unsearchable Riches
•   The Cross of Christ
•   Hold Fast
•   "Come Out, and Be Ye Separate"
•   Where are your Sins?
•   Gospel-Truth More Important Than Unity & Peace
•   Is It Real?
•   Are You Fighting?
•   Are You Holy?
•   Having The Spirit
•   One Blood
•   The Cross
•   Christ is All
•   Prove All Things
•   The Doctrine of Sanctification
•   Tried by Its Fruits
•   Expository Thoughts On John 1:1-5
•   Are You Born Again?
•   What Think Ye of Christ?
•   Our Home
•   Hold Fast the Form of Sound Words

Sanders, J. Oswald
•   Four Circles of Intimacy With God

Scofield, C. I.
•   The Two Advents
•   The Two Resurrections
•   The Five Judgments
•   Waiting on the Lord
•   The Seven Dispensations
•   Believers and Professors
•   The Believer's Two Natures
•   The Biggest Failure of the Church Age

Seymour, William Joseph
•   The Azusa Street Revival

Shaw, Solomon Benjamin
•   Dying Testimonies Of Saved And Unsaved

Shedd, W. T. G.
•   Faith the Sole Saving Act
•   The Doctrine of Endless Punishment
•   Faith With and Without Sight
•   The Sinfulness of Original Sin

Sheldon, Charles M.
•   In His Steps

Shelhamer, Elmer E.
•   Marks of Saintliness

Shepard, Thomas
•   Only Those Prepared Here

Sibbs, Richard
•   I Am My Beloved's   Part I
•   I Am My Beloved's   Part II
•   The Spouse, Her Earnest Desire After Christ
•   A Breathing After God
•   Christ's Public Triumph
•   A Description of Christ
•   Believe Christ, Not Satan
•   Offending Against Christ's Mercy
•   Christ Is Best: or, St. Paul's Strait
•   Transformed by the Beholding of Christ

Simpson, A. B.
•   A man of vision and faith   (Biography)
•   Days of Heaven Upon Earth   (Devotional)
•   The Life of Prayer   (Book)
•   The Lord of the Body   (Book)
•   The Fourfold Gospel   (Book)
•   Natural Emblems Of Spiritual Life   (Book)
•   Offices and Relations of the Holy Ghost
•   Person and Attributes of the Holy Ghost
•   Wholly Sanctified
•   A Sanctified Body
•   Preserved Blameless
•   Thirty-one Kings
•   Partnership With God
•   How God Purges Us
•   Tarrying by the Stuff
•   Aggressive Christianity
•   How To Abide
•   Emblems And Aspects Of The Holy Spirit
•   Living In The Spirit
•   Under the Shadow of the Cross
•   Walk in the Spirit
•   Spiritual Growth
•   A Sanctified Soul
•   A Sanctified Spirit
•   The Spirit Of Prayer
•   The Spirit Of Holiness
•   The Spirit Of Light

Smith, James
•   Wait on the Lord

Smith, Rodney (Gipsy)
•   God's Gipsy   (Biography)
•   Evangelistic Talks   (Book)
•   If Ye Abide in Me

Spring, Gardiner
•   Christian Parenting
•   Human Sinfulness
•   A Plea to Pray for Pastors
•   Conviction for Sin

Sproul, R. C.
•   Hell
•   Captive Hearts, Captive Church
•   Adam's Fall and Mine
•   Dead Men Walking
•   Divine Revelation
•   How Could Jesus Be Both Divine and Human?
•   God in the Hands of Angry Sinners

Spurgeon, Charles H.
•   The Prince of Preachers   (Biography)
•   Sermon Notes   (Commentary)
•   All of Grace   (Book)
•   A Puritan Catechism   (Booklet)
•   Advice for Seekers   (Booklet)
•   Exposition on Colossians 3, 4:2-4   (Study)
•   Seasonal Sermons   (Christmas)
•   Farm Sermons   (19 Sermons)
•   Ploughman's Talks   (24 Talks)
•   No Room for Christ in the Inn
•   The Trial of Your Faith
•   A Solemn Warning For All Churches
•   Song For The Free, Hope For The Bound
•   The Sword of the Spirit
•   The Clean and the Unclean
•   The Everlasting Father
•   Gethsemane
•   The Bliss of the Glorified
•   A Call to Holy Living
•   Consecration to God
•   All Joy in All Trials
•   The Eternal Name
•   A Summons to Battle
•   What is Holiness?
•   Consolation in the Furnace
•   A Divided Heart
•   Christ Perfect Through Sufferings
•   The Word A Sword
•   Joshua's Vision
•   Tearful Sowing And Joyful Reaping
•   A Call to the Unconverted
•   Hold Fast
•   Beauty for Ashes
•   Preach the Gospel
•   Seeking for Jesus
•   True Prayer, True Power!
•   Wakeful and Watchful Eyes
•   Paul's First Prayer
•   The Parable Of The Sower
•   Lukewarmness
•   The Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus
•   Humility
•   The Way
•   The Christian's Helmet
•   Shoes for Pilgrims and Warriors
•   The Shield of Faith
•   The Voice of the Blood of Christ
•   The Eye and the Light
•   Christ Crucified
•   Spiritual Knowledge and its Practical Results
•   Heavenly Worship
•   The Word of The Cross
•   Unstaggering Faith
•   Grace Exalted - Boasting Excluded
•   The True Priesthood, Temple and Sacrifice
•   Five Fears
•   On Laying Foundations
•   Prayer the Forerunner of Mercy
•   A Simple Remedy
•   The Glory of God in the Face of Jesus Christ
•   A Call to Worship
•   Believers - Lights in the World
•   Plain Gospel For Plain People
•   Beginning at Jerusalem
•   An Earnest Warning about Lukewarmness!
•   Constraining Love
•   The Blood of Sprinkling
•   Prayer Perfumed with Praise
•   The Carnal Mind Enmity Against God
•   The New Nature
•   Preparation for the Coming of the Lord
•   A Greater Than Solomon
•   Our Place - At Jesus' Feet
•   My Redeemer Liveth
•   Repentance Unto Life
•   Fear Not!
•   The One Foundation
•   Holy Violence
•   John and Herod
•   Faith and Repentance Inseparable
•   The Soul-Winner
•   "Herein is Love"
•   The Unknown Ways of Love
•   Providence - As Seen in the Book of Esther
•   Love Your Neighbor
•   That Memorable Night
•   Religion-Reality!
•   In The Fog
•   Jesus!
•   The New Heart
•   Under Constraint
•   A Home Mission Sermon
•   The Holy Child, Jesus
•   Anticipating the Last Judgment
•   Death Is Loss... But, Oh, What Gain!
•   Bands of Love: or, Union to Christ
•   The Philosophy and Propriety of Abundant Praise
•   Churchianity versus Christianity
•   Folly of Unbelief
•   The Light of the World
•   The Mysteries of the Brazen Serpent
•   Christ Lifted Up
•   Fishers of Men
•   Heart-Knowledge of God
•   The Death of Christ
•   Christ Our Substitute
•   Baptismal Regeneration
•   The Happy Duty of Daily Praise
•   Christ Exalted
•   God's Will and Man's Will
•   Compassion for Souls
•   Only Be Thou Strong And Very Courageous
•   Slippery Places
•   The Nature of Regeneration
•   Under the Blood
•   One Greater than the Temple
•   The Hope Laid Up in Heaven
•   The Believing Thief
•   The Call of Abraham
•   The Real Presence - The Great Need of the Church
•   Distinguishing Grace

Stalker, James
•   Seven Deadly Sins

Stedman, Ray
•   The Way to Victory: Joshua
•   The Way to Wholeness: Leviticus

Stern, J. Charles
•   The Secret of Victory

Studd, C. T.
•   Forward Ever, Backward Never!   (Biography)
•   Rescue Station At the Gates of Hell

Sunday, Billy
•   Under the Sun
•   Broken Down Altars
•   Teach Us to Pray
•   The Old-Time Religion
•   Backsliding
•   Wonderful
•   The Blood of Jesus Christ
•   The Second Coming of Christ
•   What Shall I Do Then With Jesus?
•   Shew Thyself a Man

Talmage, T. DeWitt
•   The Most Spectacular Pulpit Orator of his Time.   (Biography)
•   The King Who Became Poor To Make Others Rich
•   The Ministry Of Tears
•   The Name of Jesus
•   Windows Opened Toward Jerusalem
•   His Name is Wonderful
•   Weighed on God's Scales and Found Wanting
•   An Atheist Answered
•   The Question of Questions
•   Mending the Bible
•   The Broken Pitchers
•   The Reckless Penknife

Taylor, Hudson
•   The Exchanged Life   (Biography)
•   The Call to Service
•   Preparation for Service
•   The Power of Prayer

Ten Boom, Corrie
•   Common Sense Not Needed
•   Comfort the Feebleminded

Thomas, Geoff
•   Christian Hope in Death

Thomas, John
•   What Paul Preached "First of All"
•   The Politics of the Kingdom of God

Tidell, J. B.
•   The Bible Book by Book   (Book)

Toplady, Augustus
•   Standing Before God
•   Christ our Passover
•   Jesus Seen of Angels

Torrey, R. A.
•   Personal Soul Winner   (Biography)
•   The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit   (Book)
•   Ten Reasons Why I Believe the Bible is the Word of God
•   The Most Important Question
•   The Christian Conception of God
•   Found Wanting
•   How God Guides
•   Looking to Jesus
•   Beholding The True Christ
•   Heroes And Cowards
•   The Day of Golden Opportunity
•   One of the Saddest Utterances
•   The Personality of the Holy Spirit
•   Methods of Bible Study
•   Study the Bible Topically
•   The Power Of A Surrendered Will
•   The Time Is Short!
•   Profitable Bible Study
•   The Use of Tracts
•   How to Pray So As to Get What You Ask
•   Three Fires
•   Why God Used D. L. Moody
•   The Importance of Personal Soul Winning

Tozer, A. W.
•   A Life In Pursuit of God   (Biography)
•   Man, The Dwelling Place of God   (Book)
•   The Pursuit of God   (Small Book)
•   In the Pursuit of God - The Sacrament of Living
•   What's Wrong With the Gospel?
•   The Voice of God
•   Formula for a Burning Heart
•   The Deeper Life
•   The Christian's Greatest Enemy
•   The Powers That Shape Us
•   How Christ Is Revealed by the Holy Spirit
•   God Advances His Work By Outpourings Of His Spirit
•   The Great Attraction: The Uplifted Christ
•   Three Faithful Wounds
•   The Knowledge of the Holy
•   Tarrying by the Stuff
•   The Gift of Prophetic Insight

Traill, Robert
•   Examine Yourselves in the Light of God's Grace
•   Enter Ye In at the Strait Gate (1 of 3 Sermons)
•   Enter Ye In at the Strait Gate (2 of 3 Sermons)
•   Enter Ye In at the Strait Gate (3 of 3 Sermons)
•   Do Not Frustrate the Grace of God
•   By what Means may Ministers best win Souls?

Tryon, David
•   But How?

Tyndale, William
•   Translated the Word of God into the English vernacular   (Biography)
•   A Pathway Into The Holy Scripture

Unknown Authors
•   The Kneeling Christian   (Book)
•   The Victorious Life   (Book)
•   Tried by Fire
•   It's Almost Midnight
•   The Blood of Jesus Jesus
•   Dying to Self
•   God in Three Persons
•   Knowing God Through Prayer
•   Of The Anger And Wrath Of God

Vincent, Thomas
•   Fire and Brimstone in Hell

Walker, W. B.
•   Victory Over Temptation

Ward, C. M.
•   Who is Begging Now?

Warfield, B. B.
•   The Authority and Inspiration of the Scriptures
•   The Spirit of God in the Old Testament
•   The Resurrection of Christ: A Historical Fact

Washer, Paul
•   10 Indictments
•   Examine Yourself
•   The Meaning of the Cross

Watson, Thomas
•   The Doctrine of Repentance   (Booklet)
•   The Ten Commandments   (Booklet)
•   Heaven Taken by Storm   (Booklet)
•   The Mischief of Sin   (Booklet)
•   The Nature of Godliness
•   Tears of Repentance
•   The Spiritual Watch
•   Sanctification
•   The Holiness of God
•   Suffering
•   A Test of Assurance
•   The Worst Things
•   Wise as Serpents Harmless as Doves
•   Obedience
•   The Mystery of the Lord's Supper
•   The Death of the Righteous
•   The Mystical Temple
•   Christ's Humiliation in His Incarnation
•   What is the Fear of the Lord?
•   The Loveliness of Christ
•   Faith
•   A New Creature
•   The Happiness of Drawing near to God
•   Temptations Work for Our Good
•   Three Persons, But One God
•   Prayer
•   Mystical Union between Christ and the Saints
•   A Reproof to Such as are Only Pretenders to Godliness
•   The One Thing Necessary
•   Holy Violence
•   A Godly Man is a Lover of the Word
•   The Godly Man Walks with God
•   The Godly Man is a Heavenly Man
•   The Godly Man Strives to Make Others Godly
•   The Wrath of God
•   How to Get the Most from Reading your Bible
•   Ye Must Be Born Again

Webster, Noah
•   Noah Webster   (Biography)

Webster, William
•   The Gospel and Repentance
•   The Gospel Under Assault

Wesley, John
•   The First Fruits of the Spirit
•   Imperfection of Human Knowledge
•   God's Approbation of his Works
•   The Marks Of The New Birth
•   Christian Perfection
•   Awake, Thou That Sleepest
•   The New Creation
•   When You Fast
•   What is Man?
•   Who Will You Deny, Yourself or the Lord?

Whitefield, George
•   Deep passion for the Gospel   (Biography)
•   The Almost Christian
•   Search the Scriptures
•   The Lord our Righteousness
•   The Holy Spirit
•   What Think Ye Of Christ?
•   The Knowledge of Jesus Christ the Best Knowledge
•   The Potter and the Clay
•   The Power of Christ's Resurrection
•   The Duty of Searching the Scriptures
•   The Resurrection of Lazarus
•   The Care of the Soul Urged as the One Thing Needful
•   Intercession every Christian's Duty
•   The Heinous Sin of Drunkenness
•   Christ the only Preservative against a Reprobate Spirit
•   Satan's Devices
•   The Care of the Soul
•   The Good Shepherd
•   The Wise and Foolish Virgins
•   Walking With God
•   The Eternity of Hell's Torments
•   Christians, Temples of the Living God
•   Marks of a True Conversion
•   Day of Small Things
•   Worldly Business no Plea for the Neglect of Religion
•   The Temptation of Christ
•   Christ the only Rest for the Weary and Heavy-Laden
•   Christ, the Believer's Wisdom
•   Christ the Believer's Husband
•   Persecution: Every Christian's Lot
•   Repentance and Conversion

Whyte, Alexander
•   Lord Teach Us To Pray   (Book)
•   Gideon: What Hindered You?
•   A Study In the Swelling of Jordan
•   The Magnificence of Prayer

Williams, Lewis
•   Where Art Thou?   (Book)

Winslow, Octavius
•   Christ's Sympathy To Weary Pilgrims   (Devotional)
•   From Grace to Glory   (Devotional)
•   None Like Christ   (Booklet)
•   Christ is Ever with You!   (Booklet)
•   The Broken and Contrite Heart
•   No Condemnation In Christ Jesus
•   The Fresh Oil
•   Trial, a Help Heavenward
•   Christ, the Wonderful
•   Christ, the Counselor
•   Christ, the Mighty God
•   Christ, the Everlasting Father
•   Christ the Alpha and Omega
•   Christ, the Resurrection and the Life
•   Christ- Emmanuel, or God with Us
•   Christ, the Prince of Peace
•   Christ, a Man of Sorrows
•   Christ, Our Righteousness
•   The Tears of Christ

Wigglesworth, Smith
•   He lived so that people would only see Jesus   (Biography)
•   Faith That Prevails   (Booklet)
•   The Bible Evidence of the Baptism of the Spirit
•   What It Means to Be Full of the Holy Ghost
•   Deliverance to the Captives
•   The Power of the Name
•   Wilt Thou Be Made Whole?
•   The Discerning of Spirits
•   I Am the Lord That Healeth Thee
•   Our Risen Christ
•   Have Faith in God
•   Himself Took Our Infirmities
•   Righteousness
•   The Words of This Life
•   Life in the Spirit

Wolston, W.T.P.
•   Christ and Christianity
•   A Night in Sodom — Procrastination

Wycliffe, John
•   He wanted to bring God to the common people.   (Biography)

(There are no X's)

(There are no Y's)

Zepp, Arthur
•   Progress After Entire Sanctification

Though I am not worthy to be listed among these great names,
I have included links to my editorials and articles for those interested.   The Editor
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•   Bible Studies
•   My Two Cents

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