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"My words are Spirit and Life, and not to be weighed by the understanding of man. They are not to be drawn forth for vain approbation, but to be heard in silence, and to be received with all humility and great affection."
Thomas à Kempis

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A true revival means nothing
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  Andrew Murray

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Revival:     "When God Stepped Down From Heaven"     by Owen Murphy

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When God Stepped Down From Heaven
by Owen Murphy

Table of Contents

(II Chron. 7:14)

(1) HUMBLING:   "If my people will HUMBLE themselves..."

This will consist of humbling before God: before others, and before SELF. Included in this process will be deep, honest heart-searching, heart confession; turning from sin, forsaking of habits; restitution for wrong doings, and complete rededication to God and His work.

(2) PRAYING:   "...and PRAY..."

By absolute faith in the certainty of God KEEPING His PROMISE; travailing before God in earnest prayer, ever declaring before Him His COVENANT PROMISE, UNTIL He hears from heaven! This praying will not depend upon the amount of support received from others who join you, neither will it be influenced by those who REFUSE to join you. Its basis will be the solid fact of GOD'S COVENANT PROMISE that: 'if WE will...then HE will hear from heaven!"

(3) TURNING:   "...and TURN from their wicked ways..."

Before there can be REDEDICATION there must be RENUNCIATION. To have "CLEAN HANDS and PURE HEARTS" there must be a "turning-away" from anything that would contaminate spiritual life. God is in His HOLY TEMPLE. To approach Him we must need stand upon HOLY GROUND - to do this we must be HOLY PEOPLE!

It Is here where the real HEART-SEARCHING must take place, for there are many things that represent "wicked ways" in the eyes of God that are perhaps held very lightly in OUR estimation. Achan's SIN is a very easy one to fall into. The "shekels of silver" and "wedge of gold" and the "Babylonian garment" make strong appeals to the "flesh," and it is often a very easy step to yield to these desires, and bring them in to the "tent"-and then COVER THEM UP by making excuses to our own conscience. Yet the stark fact is that there IS NOTHING HIDDEN FROM THE EYES OF HIM WITH WHOM WE HAVE TO DO.

We may cover things up from the eyes of our fellowmen, but nothing Is hidden from God: and the blessing of God may well depend on not only a clean life, but a clean DWELLING PLACE. There may be contaminating "idols" in the HOME that will have to go before we have completely "turned from our wicked ways." Are we prepared to do that? Are we prepared to wait before God in honest heart-searching until He has revealed every "wickedness" that would hinder, and then, definitely, and determinedly by the Grace of God TURN FROM THEM, whatever the sacrifice might entail? Then, and then only, shall we stand upon COVENANT GROUND, and hear the mighty GOD of Bible days not only declare, "CALL UPON ME AND I SHALL SHEW THEE GREAT AND MIGHTY THINGS TO COME," but shall also SEE Him move into action in the greatest spiritual awakening that the American Continent has ever experienced!

It is fitting that we should close this booklet with these challenging words from the Keswick Magazine:

"We may organize, we may plan, but until we get on our faces before God and do business with a covenant-keeping God, we shall not see revival. We can have our conferences and conventions, and speak of our wonderful times, but what we want and what we need, is a fresh manifestation of the mighty power of God that brings men down in deep conviction to seek the Savior."


Here Is the Bible-centered, Spirit-inspired term that has ripped the attention of Christians the world over, lit the fires of revival, caused thousands to find Christ, and led multitudes into a new realm of POWER and BLESSING with God!

The rising tide of spiritual power that is sweeping across the face of the earth has demonstrated the fact that MEN CAN ENTER INTO A SOLEMN COVENANT WITH GOD, upon the basis of His promise; and through COVENANT PRAYER, can become recipients of power and blessing such as they have never known before!


In Palestine, two tribal chiefs wishing to enter into a "covenant" will each cut a vein in the other's arm to cause the blood to flow. They will then put arm to arm to "mingle the blood" which each one then drinks. From that moment they become ONE, bound together by an indissoluble bond, stronger than any earthly tie. To prove their unity, they blend their names, as God did with Abraham, when He took the letter "H" out of His own Name and added it to Abram's, saying: "Neither shall thy name any more be called Abram, but thy name shall be Abraham!" (Gen. 17-5).

This is of tremendous value to the smaller tribe, as from now onwards it has the right to the power and PRESTIGE and RESOURCES of the more powerful "covenant" friend. When attacked by an enemy, his greatest weapon is to cry aloud the MIGHTY NAME he now bears! Enemies know that the one who called upon will immediately respond, and come to the other's aid-they no longer face a small tribe, but the mighty forces of the powerful tribe into which they have entered into COVENANT RELATIONSHIP!

The more powerful chief then LAYS DOWN CONDITIONS WHICH THE SMALLER TRIBE MUST IMPLICITLY OBEY! In turn, the smaller tribe has the RIGHT to call upon its powerful friend in any emergency, knowing he must IMMEDIATELY-with all his resources come to his aid! The Eastern "Blood Covenant," to the smaller tribe, has opened out a realm of power, victory and achievement otherwise impossible!

In 2 Chronicles 7:14, Jehovah, the great COVENANT-KEEPING GOD, has laid down conditions whereby we, who are "called by His Name," may enter Into a "covenant" with Him, that a new realm of POWER be opened to us! A covenant, whereby God, bound by His own Word, must "hear from heaven" on behalf of His People, as they call upon Him!

First of all, however, there must be the DECISION to ENTER such a covenant-"If My people WILL...then will I."

Secondly, there must be ABSOLUTE OBEDIENCE to the "conditions" laid down (v. 14).

Thirdly, there must be IMPLICIT FAITH that God will STAND BY HIS WORD! Doubt or unbelief annuls the contract! This covenant is just as binding upon GOD as it is upon US! Through the "covenant" we are "one" with God and His purposes, and have a COVENANT RIGHT TO HIS RESOURCES and ACTION! When men solemnly covenant with GOD, upon the basis of His Promise, and FULFILL THE CONDITIONS, they step into a new world Of POWER with GOD!

Covenant Prayer Is the ANSWER TO YOUR NEED! It has always been the answer to mine! Before its tremendous POWER, impossibilities disappear. From the midst of countless amazing MIRACLES that God has wrought in my life, through COVENANT PRAYER, Is my MIRACLE HEALING that has thrilled and inspired thousands throughout the world!

Each time I stand before an audience, I stand as living PROOF of the MIRACLE-WORKING POWER OF COVENANT PRAYER!

Just a few years ago, suddenly stricken with POLIO and paralyzed from the waist downwards, I was pronounced as hopelessly incurable by five London specialists. Having heard of the amazing results of "Covenant Prayer." In desperation my wife and I sought the Face of God-according to that "pattern"-that a MIRACLE might be wrought and new health be given. Only GOD could have done anything in such a helpless case!

A few weeks later, the Answer came-suddenly and thrillingly!

It was a dark, foggy morning, and as I lay there helplessly upon my bed in prayer, the whole of my room was suddenly filled with the wonderful PRESENCE OF THE LORD! It seemed as though the sun had suddenly shone through the fog and filled the whole of my room with its light. A strange and wonderful PEACE swept over my weakened body, a new life surged through my helpless muscles and, strengthened by the mighty Power of God, I stepped out of my bed MADE EVERY WHIT WHOLE!! Without a mark of Polio anywhere upon my body, I was made perfectly well and, in radiant health and strength. I stand today as a GENUINE MIRACLE of God's goodness and Power!

The only one who entered my room that morning was the MASTER, Himself, with healing in His blessed Hands! HE CAME IN ANSWER TO COVENANT PRAYER!

In days when multitudes are proving the power of this wonderful Bible-centered prayer, a new world Of POWER and BLESSING opens before You!

If tonight, upon your knees with an open Bible before you, you will enter a solemn covenant with God (upon the basis of His own promise [in] 2 Chron. 7:14), and in absolute faith and obedience fulfill the conditions laid down, a mighty covenant-keeping God will "hear from heaven" and will meet your every need!

Table of Contents

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"When to seek God has become life and to glorify God has become self, then you have truly found God."