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"My words are Spirit and Life, and not to be weighed by the understanding of man. They are not to be drawn forth for vain approbation, but to be heard in silence, and to be received with all humility and great affection."
Thomas à Kempis

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The Old Time Gospel

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"The Lord gave the word:
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those that published it."

Psalm 68:11

A Ministry dedicated to preserving the truth and accuracy of the infallible Word of God.
Prayer Request:

  The Old Time Gospel Prayer Request Form  

Prayer is our personal communication with the Almighty. The scriptures tells us that the Father longs for fellowship with His creation and desires to be intimately involved in our lives. We are instructed to "Pray without ceasing" in both the good times and the bad. It is not only our fellowship with Him, but our acknowledgement that we need and want Him in our lives, to these the Lord runs to in time of need.

If you have a personal need that you would like The Old Time Gospel staff to pray about, please fill out the prayer request form below and submit it. We will take your prayer request before the Lord each time we meet.

The Old Time Gospel does not use your information for any reason except notification of a prayer need.
(We do not have a mailing list). If you have any concerns, please review our Privacy Policy

Pray Without Ceasing

"He who has the spirit of prayer has the highest interest in the court of heaven. And the only way to retain it is to keep it in constant employment. Apostasy begins in the closet. No man ever backslid from the life and power of Christianity who continued constant and fervent in private prayer. He who prays without ceasing is likely to rejoice evermore."
Adam Clarke

  Messages on Prayer  

      PRAYER has to do with the entire man. Prayer takes in man in his whole being, mind, soul and body. It takes the whole man to pray, and prayer affects the entire man in its gracious results. As the whole nature of man enters into prayer, so also all that belongs to man is the beneficiary of prayer. All of man receives benefits in prayer. The whole man must be given to God in praying. The largest results in praying come to him who gives himself, all of himself, all that belongs to himself, to God. This is the secret of full consecration, and this is a condition of successful praying, and the sort of praying which brings the largest fruits.

Prayer   by Thomas Watson

Praying in the Spirit   by John Bunyan

Private Prayer   by Arthur W. Pink

When is Prayer heard?   by Christopher Love

Prayer Takes In the Whole Man   by E. M. Bounds

Watching Unto Prayer   by Robert Murray M'Cheyne

"Satan dreads nothing but prayer... The Church that lost its Christ was full of good works. Activities are multiplied that meditation may be ousted, and organizations are increased that prayer may have no chance. Souls may be lost in good works, as surely as in evil ways. The one concern of the devil is to keep the saints from praying. He fears nothing from prayerless studies, prayerless work, prayerless religion. He laughs at our toil, mocks at our wisdom, but trembles when we pray."
Samuel Chadwick

"The neglect of prayer is a grand hindrance to holiness. "We have not because we ask not." Oh, how meek and gentle, how lowly in heart, how full of love both to God and to man, might you have been at this day, if you had only asked! If you had continued instant in prayer! Ask, that you may thoroughly experience and perfectly practice the whole of that religion which our Lord has so beautifully described in the Sermon on the Mount."
John Wesley

"A proper idea of prayer is the pouring out of the soul before God, with the hand of faith placed on the head of the Sacrificial Offering, imploring mercy, and presenting itself a free-will offering of itself unto God, giving up body, soul and spirit, to be guided and governed as may seem good to His heavenly wisdom, desiring only perfectly to love Him, and to serve Him with all its powers, at all times, while He has a being."
Adam Clarke

"Every promise of Scripture is a writing of God, which may be pleaded before Him with this reasonable request: "Do as Thou hast said." The Creator will not cheat His creature who depends upon His truth; and, far more, the Heavenly Father will not break His word to His own child. "Remember the word unto Thy servant, on which Thou hast caused me to hope," is most prevalent pleading. It is a double argument: It is Thy Word, wilt Thou not keep it? Why hast Thou spoken of it if Thou wilt not make it good? Thou hast caused me to hope in it; wilt Thou disappoint the hope which Thou hast Thyself begotten in me?"
Charles H. Spurgeon

Download these two great messages on prayer by E. M. Bounds.

The Weapon of Prayer   PDF .zip format   (149 kb)   by E. M. Bounds

The Reality of Prayer   PDF .zip format   (124 kb)   by E. M. Bounds

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"When to seek God has become life and to glorify God has become self, then you have truly found God."